Thank you to everyone who participated in our summer raffle and supported the Eldredge Public Library.  We rely so much on your donations and are grateful and amazed at the support you give us!  

Congratulations to our prize winners:

#1: iPad donated by Pine Acres Realty - Maryann Fontaine

#2: Chatham Bars Inn dinner for six - John DeFelice

#3: Wequassett Resort and Golf Club dinner for eight - Judith Strauss

#4: Queen-sized handmade quilt by Laurie LaConte - Dick Evans

#5: White pearl and sterling silver jewelry from East Wind Silver Co. - Marcia Rintoul

#6: Claire Murrary "Scenes of Chatham" rug - Frances Arnold

#7: Half day cruise on the Schooner Tyrone w/ Matt Sutphin & lunch by Chatham Village Market - Joan Carlisle

#8: Two night stay for two at the Chatham Wayside Inn - Connell Macken

#9: "Cat Boat on Pleasant Bay" watercolor painting by Tom Upson - Anne Sampson

#10: Lady's diamond watch from Chatham Jewelers - Patricia O'Reilly

#11: An evening creating your own style for the Fall at Chatham Clothing Bar - Linda Doane

#12: Oval number sign with scallop shell from Chatham Sign Shop - Jamie Forster