Welcome to the Young Adult Room, located on the first floor, through the Children's Room on the left. Our collection includes fiction and nonfiction titles, magazines, audio books, CD's, games, and DVD's for young adults with a broad range of needs and interests. Special events, performances, and volunteer opportunities along with a teen-friendly environment, computers with internet and wireless access, and a knowledgeable, youth-oriented staff make the Young Adult Room at the Eldredge Public Library a great place to read, study, socialize, or just hang out.



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March Newsletter


feb 2015


medalEPL Youth Services Offers Mock Newbery Program for Students and Adults. For years we – students and adults – have been discussing those standout titles that are published each year for children and young adults. We are passionate about our favorites, and we await the Newbery Award announcements with as much enthusiasm as the movie lovers and their Oscars. We are also the first to question or champion each year’s roster of winners. So, let’s form our own “Newbery Committee” and begin the process of choosing the best of the best! The EPL Mock Newbery will meet the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm. This program is open to students and adults who enjoy reading and sharing what’s new and being talked about in children’s and young adult literature. Please call Tammy to register and receive your first list of titles up for discussion. The rinks have their “Rock Nights,” and the EPL will have its “Mock Nights!”