Every Library Needs Friends!
Won't You Join Us?

We invite all of you who treasure friendship and love books to join us as Friends of  the Eldredge Public Library. For newcomers to Chatham and for longtime residents, joining the Friends and coming to our library programs is the perfect way to meet new friends!


Friends Board Members 2019-2020








Executive Committee

President - Rosanne Geylin

Vice President - Ann Hosmer

Secretary–Susan Bauer

Treasurer -Ron and Deborah Clark


Hospitality - Sherry Hesch, Ann Wade

Membership - Joan Craig, Bette Hahner

Ways & Means - Janet Toenniessen

Programs- Lydia Ouellette

Book Sale - Paula Lofgren, Judy Horowitz

Learning Series - Regina McDowell, Joanna Schurmann

Publicity - Joan Aucoin

Volunteer Coordinator - Diane Karel

Nominating - Dan McPhee

Past President - Kerry Brown