Homespun Fun

Puzzles, videos and more brought to you by the Tammy, Meghan and Leah in the Eldredge Public Library Youth Services Department.  Check back frequently for newly posted fun activities.  


February 22, 2021 Radio Storytime

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Leah's Libratory

Science is the natural way children lean about the world around them while having fun!  Join Leah for homeschool science and book suggestions with no stress and only a little mess!  Each session will be prerecorded and posted at 1:00 pm each Friday.  Click on the pictures for a link to the video.

Tadpole Adventure                    Triangle Structures                           Quartz Rocks



Erosion in the Dunes                               Puddle Play                                        Treasure Hunting


Frogs                                                     Fearsome Fog                                       Buoyancy Test




Pond Doctors





Escape Rooms







Home Learning Adventures

Check back each day for a new post on a different topic.  Meghan has put together some interactive fun activities that you can enjoy at home. Click on each sheet to access the links (you might have to refresh the page to access the next activity).