• Two Monomoy Teachers Share their Geoventure in Hawaii

    Thursday, May 28 @ 7:00 pm :  Monomoy teachers Barbara Gula and Nancy Gifford traveled to Hawaii  for a Geoventure to learn about volcanoes with the American Geological Society. Their trip was supported by a grant from the Westgate Foundation. Come hear about how Barbara and Nancy turned their adventures in Hawaii into a hands-on, cross-grade learning  experience for their third and seventh grade students. You will learn a bit [...]

  • Author Greg O'Brien - June 2, 7:00 pm

    What's is like to lose your mind, to see slices of your very identity slipping away piece by piece? Veteran journalist Greg O'Brien likens it to a trip out to Pluto "where no one can see you or hear what is said." Diagnosed at 59 with early-onset Alzheimer's, O'Brien has written an illuminating, naked and honest account of living with Alzheimer's, not dying with it. Drawing on cognitive reserve, he is reporting back to Earth his [...]

  • Author Patry Francis - June 6, 2:00 pm

    Cape Cod author Patry Francis will be here to talk about her latest and very popular book, The Orphans of Race Point. The story is a passionate and page-turning saga with an unsolved murder that consumes three lives over several decades in Provincetown, MA. Told through these three voices, The Orphans of Race Point is a novel of suspense, betrayal and the different ways we find transcendence and meaning in our lives. But most of [...]

  • Author Carrie Russell - June 16, 7pm

    Carrie Russell, author of the novel Drowning Cactus, will be here to speak about environmentalism and fiction. Drowning Cactus is literary fiction that explores the tranformative power of wilderness, following a cactus thief and an urban gardening instructor lost in the Sonora Desert. Russell, who studied writing at Columbia and Oxford, worked as an environmental advocate before she became a novelist. The novel is inspired by her [...]


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