• The History of Fort Warren - May 2

    Join us Saturday, May 2 @ 2:00 pm to learn about theΒ history of Fort Warren during the American Civil War.Β  Fort Warren is a historic fort on the 28-acre Georges Island to the entrance to Boston Harbor. The fort was constructed from 1833-1861, completed shortly after the beginning of the American Civil War. Kevin Rogers, the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands will be here to give a virtual [...]

  • Clara Barton at the EPL - May 16

    Saturday, May 16 @ 2:00 pm - Sheryl Faye brings Clara Barton to life! Sheryl Faye is a historical performer who will be here to portray Clara Barton. Clara Barton played an very important and unforgettable role during the American Civil War as a Nurse and went on to become the founder of the American Red Cross. This program will explore the life of Clara Barton, both her childhood and her adult life, including the role she played [...]

  • Author Ric Wasley - May 19

    Tuesday, May 19 @ 7:00 pm Author Ric Wasley will be here to talk about his book Candle in the Wind. The year is 1863 and the American Civil War is raging with a fury unimagined just two short years ago. President Lincoln has just announced the first draft in the history of the American Republic. It is against this background that two families come to realize just what the war means to them, their lives and their countries. The [...]


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